• WinScheduler
  • 軟體版本 : 7.40 Standard Edition
  • 軟體分類 : 62工具程式 (自動排程)
  • 語言介面 : 多國語言
  • 作業系統 : Windows(10以下)
  • 軟體性質 : 共享軟體
  • 使用限制 : 三十天試用
  • 建議售價 : US:29.95
  • 檔案大小 : 7.69 MB
  • 點閱次數 : 12,308下載次數 : 1,460
  • 更新時間 : 2009/12/30 下午 01:53:37


WinScheduler 可以讓使用者建立多種自動排程工作,在指定時間自動執行:檔案建立/變更/刪除、視窗開啟/作動、顯示色彩像素變化、延遲時間、視窗關閉..等等。

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Feature Standard Edition Professional Edition
Variety user-defined triggers: Text shortcuts, textauto-complete, hotkeys, mouse events (clicks, moves), time scheduled,events (file, folder, etc.), toolbars. Yes Yes
Macro recorder. Yes Yes
Printable HTML macro file export. Yes Yes
Export/import macros to a text file. Yes Yes
Shared macros allows user groups to sharethe same macros in corporate network. Yes Yes
Password protected macros allows user todisable macro editing/executing without a valid password. Yes Yes
Adjustable macro playback speed. Yes Yes
Clipboard macros. Yes Yes
Macro language supports variables, if-else-endif, loops,conditional loops, expressions, date/time arithmetic, procedures, ... Yes Yes
Visual macro editor with macro debugger. Yes Yes
Saving macro in .mcr executable file.* Yes Yes
Strong macro language with 170+ commands. Yes Yes
Application specific macros - the same trigger can startdifferent macros in different applications. Yes Yes
Macro file (and all the contained data) protection usingAES. No Yes
Ability to create a FreeMacroPlayerfile - a macro file that any other people can run in free FreeMacroPlayer. No Yes
macro command to call a macro ondifferent computer over network. No Yes
and macro commandto encrypt files and directories. No Yes
Additional Microsoft VBA** compatible BasicScript language with:
- DDE and OLE (COM) support
Powerful editor with syntax highlighting
Syntaxtool tips
- Debugger
- Dialog editor
- Basic Script language help file with examples
No Yes

* A Pitrinec Softwaremacro program must be installed in order to run .mcr file.
Microsoft and VBA are registered trademarks of MicrosoftCorporation.


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強大實用的手機檔案資料管理軟體,它可以透過電腦來管理 iPhone 和 Android 上的照片,聯絡人,視訊,訊息和音樂。

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