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全世界的 DVD 光碟總共有 6 區(Region),例如:美國是 1 區(Region 1)、歐洲是 2 區(Region 2),所以如果你的 DVD 光碟機與 DVD 光碟片不同區,就無法播放。著名的 DVD 播放軟體 DVD Genie 可以讓你切換分區。然而現在更有了作業系統的判別,由 CloneCD 出版公司 Elaborate Bytes 所出版的 DVD Region Killer 可以搭配 DVD 播放軟體使用,它的功能在於:讓 DVD 光碟片的分區及作業系統判別的功能不產生作用!順利播放有限制的 DVD 光碟。

From Frank


IMPORTANT! If you are using CloneCD3 under Windows 2000 or XP, please update to CloneCD before installing DVD Region Killer 2! Requirements You will need a region free DVD-ROM drive. Region protected (RPC-2) DVD-ROMs will not work, except the disc to be played is not protected with the CSS copy protection system. DVD Region Killer requires Windows 95, 98 ME, 2000 or XP to run. Windows NT is not supported. You will need a DVD software or hardware decoder. Some DVD titles to play are helpful, too. Windows 2000/XP: DVD Region Killer will not work on Windows 2000/XP with DVD Player software which uses an ASPI Layer. If your player software does use an ASPI Layer, you should update it, e.g. the newest versions of Cinemaster, ELSA, ATI or PowerDVD do not use ASPI under Windows 2000/XP. Windows 95/98/ME: Before installing DVD Region Killer, make sure that the old DVD Region Killer is uninstalled! These two programs try to do the same thing in different ways, which *will* cause trouble. Make sure, that after uninstalling the old DVD Region Killer the file RegKill.vxd is deleted from C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS!
From Elaborate Bytes AG, Cham, Switzerland website
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